Monday, July 09, 2007

Nursery Pic Teaser

Fellow Blog Readers of the World...Have no fear! I have not forsaken you! ;) I am working on downloading pics from this past weekend. GOOD friends and family were busy little bees, working away on my nursery rooms! They look AWESOME!!! The paint is on the walls (and ceiling in one room!) Can't wait to share with yall!! Hang in there and check back...

Answers to some questions:

Have you decided on a vehicle to carry your growing family?
Some wonderful people from our church are helping us locate such a beast of a vehicle! We are currently trying to sell our Jeep Commander.

Do you plan to go back to work?
Work? Shoot...I'll be working my TAIL off every day! Just in a different way! haha...But seriously: Eventually. Being a registered nurse is such a huge part of who I am. I have always believed that nursing is my ministry...but God is showing me other ways I can minister in my life. Maybe by the time the kiddos get ready to go to daycare or preschool, I can pick up a couple of days here and there. That's the beauty of being a can pretty much write your own schedule.

If people were to buy items off of your registry how does that get sent to you?
It automatically is sent to my house. Joe then brings them up to the hospital for me to see them!

Other updates:

Joe is working on his next, highly anticipated, post! Don't worry, I'll make sure that SOMEONE keeps my blog updated when the little ones arrive.

Hospital bedrest is just about driving me crazy. A blogger said it best in their comment about how you definitely have mixed emotions: You want nothing more than to stay in here as long as you can so your babies can develop, but I definitely experience the "blues" while I'm here...I just feel SO LONELY and look forward to Joe's nightly visits. It's a lot better now that my mom is back to come stay with me during the day!

Tabor is talking about taking the babies around 32 weeks now...there is really not that much growing that takes place after 32 wks with quads. (That, and the fact that he will be going out of state at the end of August!) I told him, "Well, all I know is that you WILL deliver these babies before you leave!!!" ;) So mark your calenders for the grand finale around August 13 to 17!!!

I've almost hit the 50 pound mark!! Woo Hoo!


Regina said...

You are such a tease! I am so glad that you have such amazing support, God is really providing for and blessing your little family! Thank you for sharing these blessings with your readers! Looking forward to seeing the pics! That would drive me crazy to not be there, so it is so awesome that you have pics! :) And Aug 17 will be here before you know it!!

Linda said...

When you say it's only 5 weeks away, does that help make it not sound so long? You are blessed to have such wonderful friends and family to help with the decorating and taking care of you and those precious babies. Anxious to see those pics of the nursery. Here's praying for 5 more weeks for those babies growing and getting ready for the outside world!

Amy said...

You don't know me, but I read your blog a lot and it's been a huge encouragement to me. I have a one year old daughter and it's really fun to read about your experiences! I have been so encouraged to see the Lord be so merciful to you and your family. Thank you for leaving it public! The reason I am commenting is because I wanted to recommend a book to you. Since you're sitting around a lot I thought it might be a big help to pass the time. It's called A Mother's Heart by Jean Flemming. The moms at my church have been using it as a Bible study book and it has SO much to offer. If you get a chance I am sure it can be found on, ebay, or amazon. Anyway, I am not some strange person. I just really wanted to let you know about that book. It's been a big help to me already! You can also check out my blog if you want to. It's
You are in my family's prayers!
Amy Murphy

Kristi said...

Ugh, I HATED hospital bedrest. It was awful!! My husband and 3 year old daughter were an hour and a half away, and couldn't visit every day. It was so tough! I so wanted to keep the babies in, but I felt so torn being away from my husband and daughter.
I went in at 24 weeks (hemorraging) and was "supposed" to make it to 32 weeks. My body had other plans! The triplets were born at 26 weeks.
I know it seems like an ETERNITY sitting there in that hospital bed. And I know it's impossible to do this, because I had other moms trying to tell me this, but I PROMISE, after those babies get here, you will barely even remember the yucky bedrest! It will all seem like such a blur to you. I know...doesn't help much now does it? I'm so sorry! How about this, I'm thinking of you, and I sympathize for you! That's all I wanted to hear when I was in the hospital. ;o)


Jamie's Crew said...

Thanks for the post Suz! Glad to hear that things are rockin' and rollin' along. I enjoyed your question and answer session too!

Here is a look to the future for you: My twins (B/G) are 7 1/2 yrs. Today my daughter asked if she and a friend could paint their fingernails with her little girl polish. I told them "Definitely NOT in your bedroom - only at the kitchen table with supervision [and a mat to protect the table]" 15 minutes later my daughter is calling me to the bathroom to tell me they spilled the bright pink polish in the sink and can't clean it! And did I mention the towel they used to try to wipe it with? Aaarrrrghhhh!!!!

I have been incredibly blessed with bright and inquistive children and pride myself on NOT normally having these issues.....but the one time I let my guard down WHAM! It is a reminder that these are just little children and they are indeed blessings. Thank the Good Lord for inventing Goo Gone which does not seem to have harmed the marble vanity, but has removed the pink polish. Towels can be replaced too.

Okay, now that I have vented, I feel so much better. See what you have to look forward too? LOL!

Jamie P. - McMoms

mgoerlich said...

You go girl! You are doing so well and on track for 32 weeks. I have my eyes on 32 as well - just under 7 more weeks for me. The hospital bed rest has got to be brutal. I was in for a couple of nights before they put me on home monitoring and it is so lonely. Just remember the awesome job you are doing for those babies - it's something no one else can do and a precious gift you are giving them. Don't ever underestimate all that you are doing right now. If you're up for playing old video games to pass time, check out They've got tons of fun mind games, video games, etc. Something else I do is go to - I got their annual membership and go on their members only blogs (they have one for Quads, Quints and Sextuplets). The moms are really helpful.

Hang in there - the patience you are learning today is just training you for later. :)

Jamie's Crew said...

Oh! Have you had any sonograms lately? How are the babies? How is your blood sugar doing?

Jamie - McMoms

Anonymous said...

I think this is the first comment I've made here. I found your blog a few weeks ago through another and so on....I've been checking back to see how you and those precious babies are doing and I got so worried when you hadn't posted for a few days. Glad to hear you are still doing well and I hope things continue that way. I'll check back again soon. Good Luck,
Kelly in Canada

~Denise~ said...

WOOHOO, 5 more weeks! Can't wait to see some pics of the nursery.

Hang in there. Just think of all the visitors you'd have if we could stop by in person. ;)

Becky Beckham said...

This is my first post, I too found your site from a friend's blog. I have been checking on you and praying for you since about 22 weeks. I had to do a little cheer about your "scheduled" delivery date. I know you are thrilled. I have a few really good friends that are NICU nurses at Cook's and are on the look out for your babies. They are all believers and great women and nurses! We are in the FW area and are more than willing to help you in ANY way we can. Will your local church be providing meals, I know that has been a HUGE blessing after each of my 3 kids. We'd love to bring some frozen meals for you to use when you need them. By the way, your visitor map should be a blessing to you and a testimony to the Family of God, look at your world wide support team!

You look GREAT (I'm so jealous that your belly is so perfect and stretch mark free-isn't God good!)

beth ewing said...

i'm sitting here looking at the map you have on your blog and am amazed at what God is doing in and through you. people from all over the world (not just the US) are checking out this blog. and the fact that you are able to give God the glory despite being miserably stuck in a hospital bed is awesome. people are coming here to see about some precious babies and leaving with the gospel. hang in there!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Suzanne! We went to the beach last week - all week - guess what one of the FIRST things i did was when i returned home? logged on to the computer to check on YOU and the quads. While you are laying in the hospital being lonely, just think of all your blogger buddies out here thinking of you ALL the time and wishing you well. Can't wait to see the nursery pics! And would love to see more pictures of you too! You keep on doing what you are doing, as it appears to be working. I'm so thankful you have such a great network of family and friends to take care of you, and such a great doctor as well! I hope your blood sugar has stablized. Anxiously awaiting Joe's post! Happy Monday! Pam Richardson

Anonymous said...

Suz...sorry to hear about the insulin shots, but they aren't really that bad. I have been insulin dependent for 15 years. I know you probably are, but make sure you are staying on top of your blood sugar so that those little precious ones are protected. Praying for you and that things (diabetic and preg. wise) continue to go well!!

Amanda's News said...

Glad your mom is back to keep you company! Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery. Wow,4-5 more weeks until we see the babies...Awesome!!! We are praying for you guys:)

Texose said...

Great to hear from you. I hope that you know that if I could be there to read to you or just chit chat for a bit to occupy your boredom, I would be there.... You're a light for the Lord as well as you have not lost your saltiness as a Christian. You spice up all those that know you and the Lord raises to the surface with every posting you have and will write. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CHRISTIAN AND LOVING EXAMPLE.(Our Pastor's sermon was on this every thing this Sunday)
Hang in there and know that we are cheering SAEB from the south and praying that Joe get tons of sleep so He is ready to give yah a break when God is ready for the babies to leave the pod.... LOVE YAH GIRL... and always looking for an update... I think I am addicted to your BLOG....well that and all my Sunday school class. I can't go a day with out checking for an update...YAH...GOD made an amazing women when He CREATED you!!! ;)---You are special and loved unconditionally....
---JoLee and Family

triplet mama said...

So glad to hear you are hanging in there. I know it is tough to be away from the comforts of your home and family, but your faith and love from others will carry you through. Can you believe you are almost to 27 weeks? WOW! You are doing awesome!!! And how exciting to be discussing the delivery date with your doctor after so much worry a few weeks ago about making it to viability:) I for one, look forward to Joe's next post because his last one was hilarious!
Can't wait to see pics of the nursery.

Jennifer said...

Suz- I, like so many people, have been reading your blog for some time now but have never commented... till now! I have been so inspired by your strength and fantasic attitude throughout your amazingly blessed pregnancy! I am mainly posting to let you know that I added you and Joe and your amazing babies to the prayer list in my Sunday school class at Cottonwood Creek Baptist Church up in Allen, TX! I sent them the link to your blog today and just wanted to let you know that there is a whole class of young, married adults that is lifting you up!!!!
Praying for all of y'all!

MadtownMom said...

I hate to say this...becuase I always was anti mini-van...but need to get a mini-van and here's why....


Trust me. I swore I'd never get one. Let me tell you...when you have three children (or 4) and are walking to your car in a parking lot....clicking a button on your keys that automatically opens the door is HUGE. Or...when your hands are full leaving the car...clicking a button to close the doors is huge.

I hate minivans...but the doors are the best invention since sliced bread. Seriously. Think about it. The other good thing about mini vans is you don't need to open your car door all the way to get carseats out. The fact that they slide open is a HUGE help. Trying to maneuver 1,2,3 or 4 kids around car doors is a huge pain.

Our other car is an expedition, but I have to say the minivan is much easier for kid hauling...and we only have 3 right now!


Whitney said...

Oh my gosh! 5 weeks to go! I bet you can hardly wait. Will there be any health risks by taking the babies at 32 weeks? Still praying for you in Alabama! ~Whitney

Deanna said...

Glad to know you are hanging in there!! I know how lonely it gets at the hospital. I was in your shoes 4 years ago. And it sounds like they are going to be born the same week as my quads and my twins. Their birthdays are the 12th and 17th. The 12th is also our anniversary so August is a busy month for us. Hang in there. Dr. Tabor might let you go out in a wheel chair for a little while. He did tell me I could do that one Saturday when I was having a really down day. Hang in there and if you want to email me feel free. My email is

The Matsens said...

You constantly crack me up! Its so fun to hear about your pregnancy, so fascinating...Im friends with Rachelle (the one from Texas soon to deliver quints) so I saw your name on her blog. Im a twin so I love reading about multiples, besides I just began being pregnant so I like to hear other's stories :) Its just my first. Totally will pray for you...Karen from Chicago :)

Stacy said...

Hi Suz -

I've been reading your blog for quite some time now (like right when you discovered four). I had to post today, because my twins were born at 26 5/7 - you've beat my mark!

My twins are now a little over 3 - besides all the "typical" 3 year old stuff, they are happy & normal developmentally, although a tad tiny (started out at 2 lb 3 oz - so that explains that!). I just wanted to give you a bit of hope for the future.

Prayers for you - God has definitely found a way to minister through you!

lauren said...

So glad to hear an update, and so SO glad that tomorrow you'll be 27 weeks!! I am DYING to see nursery pictures!!! Love you girl and will pray for your strength to get through these last few weeks in the hospital.

Dan & Nicki said...

I had been wondering where you were! I look forward to seeing the updates to know the babies are still safely inside! We are in LA praying for your family!

Ashley said...

Hey Suzanne. I saw on Dallas' blog that she came to see you. I originally saw your blog from her. Wow. 32 weeks is really coming up. I will pray that the next 5-6 weeks will fly by and that your babies will be healthy and ready to be loved on by you and Joe and the rest of your fam. What a blessing to see all of them.

ezell family said...

Suz, glad to hear that you and the babies are doing good still. Can't wait to see the pics of nurseries! Hang in there on the bedrest, you'll be working your tail off soon enough! Somedays you'll be begging to go back to bedrest, just for a break ;)!
Just pray abour the car situation, adn you'll get the car that you are supposed to get. That sure worked with us! We bought a Trailblazer after we had our baby, and due to credit problems, we were not even supposed to get the financing. But God is good, and He knew that I needed a safer car!
But enough about me, glad to hear from you, and we are still praying for you!

Anonymous said...

For what is is worth, when our quads were born we owned a basic minivan with two bench seats. It worked well for us, for over 3 yrs. Most of the time I had two babies on each bench. When we went home on long trips, we put 3 babies on the back bench, and the fussiest one on the middle bench. One adult could then sit on the middle bench and reach all 4 babies. I personaly hate the suv's, you can not easily move around inside the vehicle. When you are driving home to Joe's, you will need to move around and it is really nice to be able to do so without opening doors.(whether due to the weather, maintaining safety of locked doors, or occasionally needing to reach a baby while the wheels are rolling)Currently we own a full sized conversion van with captains chairs in the middle, once again freedom to move around inside the van with all four doors locked and closed. Added bonus, kids don't 'get in each other's space' as easily.

lauren said...

Happy 27 weeks! I have to agree with the comment above about mini-vans. Every once in a while, my sis and I will load up all four kids and go somewhere together. When they're in my car, it's kind of a nightmare. They're all crying or complaining by the end. When they're in E's mini-van, they're all quiet and content because they have their own space. I'm so getting one when I have more than two kids! Good luck searching!

Blueeyes said...

The babies will be here before you know it! Praise God for a great Doctor.

Good Luck on finding a vehicle that will be able to fit you & your family. My friend, Karla, has 2 sets of twins....they have a suburban.....It works great for them!

I'm praying for you, the babies and Joe.

Audrey T said...

TEASE! TEASE! TEASE! :?) But I have no room to talk - look how long it took me to get pics of Sam's completed nursery up!

I'm glad your mom is back up there with you. I'll be praying for your continued sanity and that your boredom might be lessened - I know daytime tv just doesn't do the trick!

Audrey T said...

Although Ryan's dad watches The Young and the Restless every day, without fail!

Jamie's Crew said...

I can't agree more with Rachel's assessment of the car situation. I have seen her mini-van and the full size conversion too. You are definitely going to need room to manuever with 4 kids. And you can almose guarantee that occasionally you will have to do an emergency diaper change. We have a mini-van too - we have the double sliding doors - but I highly recommend the electric doors and tailgate lift. Also, becuase we already had a singleton going to school - we wanted him sitting in one of the 2 captains chairs in the middle for ease of loading and unloading. That left the twins to sit on the rear bench seat. So what to do about loading rear-facing babies into the full-size car seats all the way in the back? Tilt up a captain's chair and climb in holding a baby? Yes that works, but my husband realized that if we opened the back lift gate we could easily lift a baby up and over the back seat and gently into their carseats. That being said - if you have the carseats with the handles that snap onto the stroller and then right into the base in the car - you will be better off! 8 years ago it was harder to get 2 of the carrying style infant carriers for the double stroller we used.

Today, with 2 7-yr olds and a 13 year old - I can't imagine traveling in anything but our mini-van. It seats 7 people. We take out one captains chair for long trips and that is where the dog rides, and lately the pet rats cage too. The rest of our luggage fits in the back along with a backpack or two with the kids that hold toys and electronics.

Sorry to ramble - but though I would share our experience.

Jamie - McMoms

Page said...

Happy 27 weeks!!

The Town Criers said...

Congratulations on hitting the 50 pound mark! And 27 weeks--wow.

SG said...

BRING ON THE NURSERY PICTURES! Can't wait to see them! And I have to agree about the mini-van. I once said NEVER too, but here's the deal...THEY WORK! I have been driving one for 8 years now and with three kids, I wouldn't trade, unless I could get a newer mini-van. We love our Town & Country! I think you will need two bench seats instead of the captains chairs though. AND the automatic sliding doors will save your sanity some day! Seriously!

Your visitor cluster map just blows my mind! We need to get that enlarged and framed so you can someday show the kids that people all over the world were praying for them! WOW!

Hang in there girl! Work that computer during those hours without visitors. If you just read half the blogs of you commmenters, well that would take at least a week! :)

Praying for week 32!

Jamie's Crew said...

I couldn't agree more with SG - I would only trade my mini-van for a NEWER model with the stow-and-go seating! Also the Electric Doors! Mine is a 1999 model Voyager which is essentially the same as the Town and Country. Also - if you can get a DVD player already in whatever vehicle you buy - DO IT! You will appreciate it when the quads are older.

Also - I highly recommend the vehicles which have Air Conditioning and Heating controls in the front AND THE REAR. The kids will need it. I promise!


Kimberly said...

Just wanted to tell ya that even though I haven't been able to comment lately not a day goes by I don't think of you and hope those babies are still safe and sound in your beautiful belly. Did u catch Oprah today? It was about multiples and I thought of u-might have been a rerun.

Holloway Family said...

I found your blog off of Dain and Amanda Carvers blog page. I just wanted you to know that 32 weeks is okay. We had our son at 32 and he is now 2 1/2 and you can't even tell that he is a premie. He weighed 3 lbs and 7 oz when he was born. We are praying for you.

Mel said...


Thanks for being so faithful to blog and post pictures for those of us that would lloooovvveeee to be able to be there in person. I wish we were closer and could come up and visit.

You are doing a fabulous job taking care of those babies. Each time I watch Kody and Conner together I think of how much fun you will have with 4 the same age. Hopefully the rest that is being forced on you now will sustain you later.

Our prayers continue. Love,

Kann said...

Just wanted to say that I am praying for you and your babies. My Friend Marie had asked for prayers for you and your quads, so I have been folowing your blog. What a wonderful support system you have. I look forward to seeing(virtually) your babies. I have three little boys of my own and what a blessing they have been in my life. God has truley blessed me.
God Bless

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