Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend 2009 & the "Perfect Day"

Last Saturday, we packed up the kiddos and headed to Waco--where my parents would have all of their children and grandchildren at their house, together for the first time! 6 adults and 5 grandchildren under the age of 2! WOWeeeee! Fun times. Here are some of my favorite pics:

Papa and his grand-quads & grand-dawg (Savannah, Ben, Ethan, and Drew in stripes)

Miss Hambone

We played a little b-ball (Ethan and Savannah)

Ben perfecting his dribbling

Already devising an escape route (Ben, Sav, Drew)

E buddy standing guard while Sav works on the lock

My girls: Shi and Sav (Btw- all of the kids walk around with their hands behind their backs and it cracks us up)

Sweet baby Carter is smiling and laughing and chit chatting nowadays and it just melts my heart to MUSH!

Saturday afternoon we took the quads to Lion's Park Kiddieland---a tiny little fun place in Waco where I used to play as a kid! It was very surreal. The quads LOVED riding the little train that goes around the block!

Papa with Ben, Granna and Ethan, Joe with Drew, and Savannah with me

WOOO WOOOOoooooooot!

Next we rode the rockets---was nervous about how they would like this one, but they did great! NO tears= success!

Joe holding on to Ethan and Andrew

and up we go!


We headed back home on Sunday afternoon. Joe and I both agree that Monday was the definition of a "perfect day" in our book. It was a gorgeous day, we crammed a LOT in, the kids had a blast, and mom & dad felt like normal society! I wish Joe could have off every Monday! ;)

We woke up and had a big breakfast, took the kids to a super cool playground (Pantego), strolled into Borders bookstore to pick up some new books for the kids (who have chewed up half of theirs), stopped at Sonic for treats, headed home to put the kids down for a nice 4 hour nap while Joe and I got some sun and listened to tunes outside, woke the kids up, played in the sprinklers, ate popsicles, bathed all four kids quickly, dressed them up and went out to eat on the patio of El Arroyo, put kids down for the night, and cuddled in for a nice DVD on the couch. PHEWW! Greatness.

Snack time at the park (Sav, Drew, Ethan, and Ben)

Joseph Steece: quadfather-baby-wrangler extraordinaire (and miss Savannah, it seems, has taken on her father's obsession with cleaning. Her new favorite toy is a WIPE. NO LIE! At the playground, she likes walking around wiping everything down. NEATO.)

The fab four enjoying the outdoors--on the picnic table that Grandpa and Grandma Steece gave them!

Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeese...I LOOOOOOOOVE this little goober!

Cute lil Benny in his trunks (courtesy of Ryan and Jodi! Thanks a TON!)

"Look keeeedz...this is how you do it!"

Ben and Savannah were NOT impressed (and opted for higher ground to stay nice and dry)

"Dadoo, I think I would like to jump over that giant sprinkler ball now" - Ethan


"Ok, well...maybe that looks like fun"

Savi gettin' in on the action

and Ben?...well, not so much

My three little men...all in a row (front to back: Drew, Ethan, Ben)

Ben, pointing out the planes...just in case we didn't notice (and Shiloh playing hide-n-seek)

Drew- making sure everyone stays lubed up with sunscreen

Liddle E found a ball--the audio would go a little somethin' like this: "baww....baww....baww" (like asking a question)

Time for popsicles..."Yes, dad?"

back to business

"My my my my joker-face"

Twinky water bugs (Drew, E)

In case you were wondering...NOPE...Ben STILL does NOT like the water.

Splish splashin' (Savannah with her WIPE)

Dinner at El Arroyo
Sav's new smile and new SHIRT made by one of my extremely talented friends from high school! (If you like, please check out MK's site: Lily Parks, and support a good cause! Super cute stuff!)

Ben and Joe

Happy little E-bud

My sweet Drew

Playful Boo

...gettin' tired, feelin' the 'tude.

Sav signing for sleep...poor thing! I feel ya, buttercup! Andiamo!


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Charity Donovan said...

What a great, GREAT day!!!!! Love all the new pics of the kiddos!!!! Sav & her bows - LOVE IT!!!!! Little Drew's grin is to die for!!!! Sav signing for sleep - so PRECIOUS!!! Love them....LOVE YOU!!!!!!

Kelli said...

What a nice day and weekend. You can tell by the red faces they had fun at the park.

. said...

Cute, Cute, Cute! & where did you get that little tikes picnic table? We have been looking at them, but not seen one like that???

Penny said...

Whoa! Both twins in stripes?! Were they color-coded? I would definitely mix them up! LOL

asplashofsunshine said...

The twins look like they are going to win the hearts of every Texas chick, and mom too! All four look incredibly happy and most importantly, healthy. SOOOOOOOO ADORABLE!

Love the way you write in the entries too. Very cute.

Elyse said...

What a great glad it was one for the "PERFECT books." Miss Sav shows that 'tude like there is no tomorrow and she's not even two yet...oh boy :) August 1st will come way too soon! LOVE all their smiles and expressions!

QuatroMama said...

So much to LOVE about this post, mama! It's just sweet enough to taste through the computer screen. I LOVE family days. The wipe was bustin' me up! Love ya to pieces....Steece's Pieces! Can't wait to squeeze yas!

Heather said...

That is awesome-sause! Love the almost makes me want four babies....ALMOST!

Stephanie said...

Holy cow..these are the days I wish I could bottle up! Such sweet faces!!
Looks like you ALL had a blast!!
Glad you had a wonderful weekend!!

Victoria said...

what a perfect day and gorgeous family! Love your blog!

MEGAN said...

Oh my goodness, that little girl of yours is TOO CUTE for words. Her bathing suit and ponytail are ADORABLE. What a fun day!

~MB~ said...

LOVED this post! Could your day have been any better?!?! I think not.

& looks like you've got 3 little heartbreakers on your hands - and 1 GORGEOUS little lady :)

FrenznickFive said...

lol the joker face quote to to the tune of poker face cracked me up!too cute! oh and I bought my trio the snack traps after seeing your kiddos always using them and my Triplets LOVE them! anyways, great post!

Todd and Courtney said...

Ive never posted a comment before but my sister lives in Dallas! I love following your blog. The kiddos are PRECIOUS! :)

The Pifer's said...

AWE Lions park is right down the road from where I live!!!! WHAT ADORABLE PICS!

Crystal said...

We live in Waco..well that area.. but we were not home this week.. Bentley was having her open heart surgery. We can't wait to get back home.. there is no place like home!

AWWW, yall went to Kiddie Land.. I remember going there as well... it looked much bigger when we were kids. But it is so fun , the kids do love it. All the pictures are adorable! They are too stinkin cute!!!!!

Kelly said...

BOTH my girls think wipes are toys. They clean and wipe stuff down. Jenna even attacked a grocery cart once and wiped it down.

Love the pix!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

Tell Sav, "thanks" from me. That sign for sleep will come in very handy! HA!

So glad you guys had a great time!

Mrs. Ohtobe said...

Awww...not knowing you and yet still lurking er watching the kiddies grow up make me long for mine to be small again. Who would have thunk I would have ever thought that! :)

Anonymous said...

I TOTALLY went to that kiddieland when I was a kid, too. We might've even gone at the same time (except I'm thinking I'm older--at 35). I was born in Waco and lived there until I was 7. Ahh, the good old days.


Kati said...

You seriously have the most gorgeous family. It is so complete!

It looks like you had a great weekend. I just came across your blog and love it!!!

Grandma Honey said...

The description of your day was indeed perfect!!

Jessica said...

Sounds like it was a great day! How fun!

Unknown said...

We had a similarly wonderful weekend! Wish they could ALL be like that!

The Cochran Crew said...

Ahhhh, yeah, I finally got my picture of Joe shirtless!! Geez, I've only been begging since the flat tire incident!!!! :) I'm thinking Miss Sav needs some bling to go on that arm or around that neck to spice things up like her beautiful mommy!!! Luv Ya Chick-a-Dee!!

Miranda said...

I think it is so funny to see you guys at Kiddie Land. I grew up having my birthday parties at that place. I am also from Waco. I graduated from Midway in 96'. However me and my husband are in Houston now. My parents are still in Waco though. Do they still have the super slide. If they do I sure it is not near as big as I remember it.

The Carlsons said...

What an awesome Memorial Day holiday/weekend! That is so great that you get together with the grandparents. I bet the kids love that. Oh, and the pics of Sav just crack me up! She is too precious!, whether she is smiling like a ham or giving you pouty lips. Gotta love her :) AND her bros...too cute and handsome. You know they will be keeping an eye on and protecting Miss Sav :D

Love the pictures!! Thanks for sharing!
-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 5yo boy

debi9kids said...

Fantastic recap! This was one full, jam-packed weekend of awesomeness :)

Love the kids playing outside. Esp LOVE sav & ben's faces when they were sitting on the table. LOL

cat said...

A perfect day indeed! The last pictures just cracks me up.

Lisa said...

Hey there. Love all of the pictures. Just curious if you wouldn't mind sharing what park you guys went to in Pantego. We're in Arlington and I'm always looking for good parks around here that have some shade. Thanks!

Misty said...

LOVE THE PICS!!! Mine LOVE wipes too! Go figure... We have that same table and it is awesome! One day it may even make it outside.LOL.
Miss you! And we have to get this playdate scheduled! I think our crew's would have a blast.

Kylie said...

I grew up in Waco- still live here actually! I laugh every time we take the kids to Kiddie Land/Lion's park (my 3 year old loves the train!) It's like they're afraid if they update Kiddie Land at all, it will lose it's "charm"! :)Glad all your kiddos had fun!
I am totally impressed that you can take 4 toddlers out to eat, too! They are too cute :)

Jac Tubre said...

That was one heck of a post should have put a warning label!!

I love the pics and the Poker face song reference...too cute!

Love you,

Kelli said...

Ok, so I have to know how you lost all your baby weight Suz. How'd you do it?

Jenn K said...

Love the swimsuits. Love the piggy tails. Love the train ride. Love it all! Poor wittle Ben and the water...Mama, you just had to take a picture didn't you?

Lani said...

That looks like it really was a great day! I love Sav's little furrowed-brow look- she means business!

Happy Campers said...

My cousin is Robyn Areheart & my grandparents lived in Waco when I grew up. We LOVED Lion's Park! I have pictures in front of there from when I was the quad's age :)

Your kiddos are adroable & you guys always look like you're having so much fun with the chaos that 4 can bring. Beautiful family...thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What a great weekend for y'all! I swear if Sav had curls, she'd look like Shirley Temple with those big bows. Darling! And those handsome boys...they have have gorgeous smiles. Okay, so I'm sure you've thought of this for poor Ben but when my twins were babies, I bought a little plastic pool. I stuck it in the yard where it was sunny but with a little shade and I'd put water in it in the morning. By the time nap time was over, the water was warm. My kids loved it! Maybe that would be more fun for Ben than the cold water coming out of a hose. lol!! I love that picture of him by the way!
Cathy in Frisco

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

okay, little steece's peices - looks like you had an awesome weekend! and now that ya'll know the lay of the toddler land up there, we can't wait for you to show us some "big d" fun when we visit! that train looks like choo choo much fun! ;) love, the goerlich gang

Moni Graf said...

Aw, I love reading about the perfect gives me hope that ours will start becoming more frequent! That was an action-packed weekend and I'm sure the movie on the couch was just the perfect ending ;)

Sav cracks me up with the wipes. At least she knows how to use them properly. Mine still just like to suck on them ALL THE TIME.

Love ya!

Jackie said...

Your kids are so darn cute!

Left you an award on my blog...

Mercedes said...

Now that is a good holiday! I am glad you all enjoyed it.

Kelly Trullinger said...

Wow! Sounds like you had a wonderful day! They look like they had so much fun! I can't wait for those days! Sav's turing into BETH!

Ashley said...

your life actually sounds more peaceful than mine, and i only have 2! 4 hour nap...then bedtime before mom and dad are tired??? craziness! how do you do it? they are precious, by the way! i am loving keeping up with your adorable and unique fam!

Allison said...

Four-hour nap AND you had to wake them up?!?! I'm missing something in my routine! You inspire me! :)

Melanie said...

my daughter has the same popsicle/ice cream dress as sav. cute!

Lori T said...

Glad y'all had fun. My 15 month old DD walks w/ her hands behind her back, too.

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