Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Zoooooooooooooo

What do you do on a PERFECTLY, GORGEOUS day in March with the sun shining and temperatures reaching 79? Why go to the zoo, of course! and that is exactly what we did!

First- can I just tell you how crazy this Texas weather has been?! It was SNOWING last Saturday---just days ago...and not just a sprinkle---but hard, windy, snow- blowing in SIDEWAYS- that was blanketing everything, making it VERY difficult for Joe to SEE the road after a lovely evening, in Dallas, with the Gerwers (our quad couple buddies)!

but I digress...

the ZOO!

I met some buddies, Miranda and Kim, up at the Fort Worth Zoo and we had a blast! The zoo was SOOOO much fun this time, at this age---especially now that I feel comfortable letting the kids get out and run around 50% of the time.

Here are MY monkeys, gawking at the other monkeys. (Andrew, Sav, Ben, Ethan) Okay, so if you had to take a stab at it....which kid, out of the foursome, do you think has the biggest attitude?...........anyone?.......anyone?... I'm just sayin'...

Mr. Crocodile swam up close to say "hi"! (...or to get a good look at some tasty treats: A, E, B, S)

"Hold on a sec, Ma...can't you see I'm on the phone?!" (A, S, B, E)

Ethan and Andrew playing with the alligator (probably the kids favorite part of the day!)

E-bud and his LOOOONG legs...looking SO grown up lately, right?!...I KNOW!!!!

Ben and Drew- pointing out the gator's sharp teeth..."thanks bud, yep...I see it!" (after the 100th time he asked me)

I love her!...just LOVE her!

Benny and his adorable silly faces! The kid is full of 'em lately...

Checkin' in on some Gator Fun Facts with our buddy ("L").

Savi giving Ben a hug....so cute! These two LOOOOOVE each other, I tell ya.

Mama's favorite! Giraffes!

Okay, so this pic just CRACKS me up. It is a horrible picture. This was our last stop of the day---everyone was tired and borderline cranky. You can't even SEE the elephants (who were getting frisky, btw). I asked the kids to look at Mama and smile...and this is what I got...lovely. But still makes me giggle ;)

Ahhhhh....the BEST part of the day. (just kiddin'..........well, kinda. heh)

Taking advantage of this gorgeous weather...you never know...we could have a blizzard tomorrow!

By the way---hop on over to my BFF's review blog (Gen)---she did an fantabulous review with lots of cute pics for "Designed for Babies"---Casey's awesome stuff (with an emphasis on multiples!)...very cool giveaway as well! So proud of you, Case!!!

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Miranda said...

We had a blast today, thanks for joining us!

Anonymous said...

Thank you sooooooo much for the shout out!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!
Still cant get over that snow, what was that all about?
And SOOOONNNN we must meet yall at that zoo, its way better than the one over this way! CANT WAIT!

Molly said...

That last picture is so cool ! And its so cool to see quad mom's car inside lol :)

Gen McNulty said...

What a FREAKING BLAST!! Suz, they are SOOOOOooo BIG! And Sav.. smiling.. in THAT dress.. OMG!!! DARLING!!!

Soooo excited for you. This is a great age! I miss them so much and YOU know I miss you more than words. Wait, I'm about to go rehearsal dinner Joe on you... better cut me off.

I love you so much!

PS: Thanks for the sweet shout out!

katie said...

love your cute family and your blog! thanks for being honest, open and funny!

Melanie said...

I don't think that pic of Sav on the gator could possibly get ANY cuter! OMG she is a doll! And I love the pic with the elephants. We totally have those days around here!

Summer, Justin, Blake, and Sutton said...

Cute cute pics! I'm the crazy girl who introduced myself in the ticket line today. :) I feel like I kind of know you after following your blog for 2.5 years!! Sorry if that was obnoxious of me! Anyway - looks like you had a wonderful time at the zoo! So awesome that you can let them roam around ... I can't even keep up with my ONE walking child.

Barbara Manatee said...

I literally laughed out loud at the elephant picture!! what a hilarious memory!!! ha!!

Ashley said...

just look at the little brood! so adorable! i am so relieved for you...it has to be so much easier now!

you remind me of this woman i saw at the st. louis zoo once....only she had 5 with her from about age 6 DOWN! she had the oldest four in a quad stroller and the youngest baby in a bjorn.... all by herself with no dad. you could tell it was just another outing in the life of whoever-she-was. she was freakin RIPPED! she had a racerback tanktop on and her arm and back muscles were out of this world....how could they not be??? she was so awesome. i kind of wanted to worship her! she went in right behind us, did the whole thing, train and all, then checked out right behind us and had her kids and gear packed up in her gigantic ginormous van before justin and i both could handle our TWO. the point of the story is that you people are amazing!!

Elizabeth said...

I have been blog stalking you from the very beginning (of your pregnancy)...and since I live in FW I wondered when I might see your cute crew! I totally saw you today - but before I could come over and say hi (in a non-creepy-hi, i stalk your blog - kind of way) I ran into a girlfriend and stopped to talk! It was a gorgeous day - glad you had fun - your babies are precious!

Lissa said...

We went to the fw zoo last wednesday - you know, when everyone was on spring break and it was half price wednesday =]

Glad you guys had a good time...

Stephanie said...

Goodness gracious..those sweet faces melt my heart everytime!!
Looks like a fun, fun day!!
Good to see you got out with the Gerwers too!!

cat said...

Oh but Sav needs that attitude with all those boys around her.

Elizabeth said...

Im totally laughing over that elephant picture!! How funny! Love you bunches! Love you!

Tiffany Lockette said...

Love all the pictures of the gang. You gotta admit, miss Sav has to have a little attitude being the only girl, she is so cute though!! They all 4 seem like they are just packed full of personality!! You have a beautiful family. Glad you guys had a great time at the zoo.

Moni Graf said...

yeah for sunny, gorgeous weather and zoo trips! we've been taking the kids to the zoo pretty often when the KS weather isn't being bipolar and crazy (snow one day, 60's the next).

the frisky elephants cracked me up! gotta give it to kids and animals.....they have no modesty.

love ya!

The Cochran Crew said...

So precious!!! They all look so grown! Love ya!

QuatroMama said...

Good golly those are some gorgeous kiddos! Love their outfits, silly faces, and even the attitude (I can from afar, right?)

Gosh I miss you, friend.

Wish we lived in the same town to do zoo trips and outings. *pout*

I nearly fell off the couch w/ that elephant pic.


Anonymous said...


I've been reading your blog since before the quads were born. I am a former co-worker of Beth Tracy from Rochester, MN. My family and I are coming to Fort Worth, TX next week for Spring Break. Everyone keeps teasing me that I should stop and visit the "quads". I hadn't planned on contacting you until I saw the pics from the zoo which is one place I've searched online but can't decide if we should visit or not. My kids are 9 and 6, love animals but have been to so many zoos. So what I really need to know is what are your top Fort Worth sites that are not the typical tourist sites? Where can we see examples of pure Texas? My Minnesota kids are used to snow piles, brown dirt and flat landscapes!
Sandi Hanson

jenn said...

ahhh the zoo! i cant wait for it to be nice enough here in st louis to go to the zoo

Meredith said...

Suz.... are those the twins in front? If so, love how their heads are mirroring... amazing. ;)

Looks like you guys had a blast!

King Quads said...

You are awesome. I can't wait for the zoo.

Miss Thang with her sunglasses on - such a diva, that one.

I love the picture of Sav on the aligator - that is too stinking adorable. THOSE BOYS - honey, you are going to have some major issues when they are old enough to date, those Steece boys are handsome little dudes.

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