Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Our Little Family Christmas (Eve) 2011

Mama had some helper elves in the kitchen.

Ben and Sav making sugar cookies for Santa

12 december 2011 398



Yep- training her early! My little bakerella.

12 december 2011 400



Cheech and Chong….errr, Ethan and Andrew and those big smiles!

12 december 2011 402



Checking on their cookies in their precious little footie pajamas…I figured I won’t be able to put them in these for too much longer. They are just so dern cute!

12 december 2011 404



Me and my hunny

12 december 2011 405



Trying to get a good picture before we trade presents! Love. them.

Ben, Drew, Ethan, Savannah

12 december 2011 406



We had the kids pick out a dollar item for each of their siblings. They even wrapped their presents (with a wee bit of assistance from Mom). We took turns going around and each child gave a present to his/her sibling. It was a hoot to see what they picked out for each other.

12 december 2011 417



We also let them open one present on Christmas Eve. Mom has been holding on to these umbrellas forever. Who knew they would be such a big hit!

12 december 2011 422



Time to decorate those cookies!

12 december 2011 430



I should have taken a picture of the finished products. Santa must have been so happy!

12 december 2011 433


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Stacy said...

Just got done watching your show! (Yes I forgot to DVR last night- but won't in the future!) You were my fav- duh! Can't wait to see what the season holds- and keep up with your fam here!

Hannah Beth said...

I've been a long time blog follower and watched the first episode last night right before bed- I dreamed that I was babysitting the Steece kiddos and Sav & I hit it right off! Ha! Sooo excited about next week!! (:

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the picture of them gathered around the oven. Priceless!

Gina aka Slappy said...

Too cute! I so miss the cookies for Santa age. Mine are all teenagers, they would just end up throwing the cookies at each other.

Watched the show last night ... LOVED it!

Annie said...

SUZ!!! Holy MOLY your ON TV!!! Gosh I remember when you had just found out you were Pregnant! You worked with me @Surgery Center of Arlington in the Operating Room with me when you worked as Agency nurse with Perioperative! Glad your doing well!!! Annie

Anonymous said...

Im a follower as well...Love Love Love the show and all the excitement your family shares together. Im a mother of 2 amazing girls and enjoy getting tips from your blog.
Take Care and ill be looking forward to watching the show

Jodi said...

awe, adorable pics as always. So I DVR'd your show last night and had to come on here and tell you that I am SO excited for you! Its so awesome to see you on TV! I called my husband in and and pointed you out. I said yep, I've "known" her from her blog since I was on bed rest (right before your quads were born). So neat! Congratulations! I have to admit, you are my favorite on the show :) I think its bc I already "know" you and your beautiful family and know that you are real. Neat to see Casey too :)

Barbara Manatee said...

Our kiddos got to buy each other a gift from their schools santas secret shop. It was really cute to see what they picked for each other and for us. They were so proud!

Looks like your Christmas eve was similar to ours,....cookies and a few gifts! Fun!

Anonymous said...

Dare I say out loud that Savi's hair is looking longer?

Anonymous said...

Hi Suz, my name is Abby. I fell across your blog in school last week while typing in "multiples blog" on google. Hahaaha. I have been catching up starting with the oldest blog, to todays. Let me tell you, it was well worth the 10 hours it took me! I have learned alot. Me, alike you, enjoys to research and blogs. Keep in mind Im a 16 year old junior in high school. I was so upset I was getting up to date, I wanted to keep reading more! But then you mentioned a tv show! You're gonna be taking up all of my free time! ;D But I left this initially to let you know how highly I think of you and your family. You're all such beautiful and strong people. You and Joe make the best parents Ive ever seen, hands down and I'm certain that all four of your kids will grow up to make a significant impact. Your gentleheartedness as a mother is very inspiring, I hope to continue to learn as much as I can through you guys.
*Don't turn into Kate Gosselin from the TV show, it would devastate me. ;D

Unknown said...

You guys are just the cutest! I love how happy your kids truly are and are just such a reflection of you and Joe! I loved the first episode of the show , it's cool to see you on TV after following your blog for so long. I love seeing that you are so true to who you really are, and seem so genuine! :) May 2012 be filled with many blessings for your sweet family!

Heather said...

I caught your show because I am home bound due to a hemorrhoidectomy (as a surgical recovery nurse, you'll appreciate what a pain in the rear that is, literally!) I have followed your blog forever and was tickled to death to see you on TV. You come across as the most stable one of the bunch... and tell me, is that Stephanie as nasty as they portrayed her? Mercy.

The Manning Family said...

Hey Suz!
Love these pics of your kiddos--they are getting so big!

I tuned in to the show the other night (my hubby did, too!), and I loved seeing you "in person" and hearing your voice. By far, you are my favorite TX multi-mama! :)

I was on the show site today, and thought I'd take their "which mama are you" quiz. Guess who I match with....Y-O-U!! I love it!!! Thanks for being brave enough to let the world into your home more than you already have through your sweet blog.

Lisa said...

Love the Christmas Eve pictures. Did you notice your ticker at the top of your blog? Your 4 kiddos are 4 years, 4 months, and 4 weeks old!

Savannah said...

What fun Chrismas Eve traditions! I love all of the fun things you do with your kiddos - you inspire me!

debi9kids said...

sounds like you are creating some wonderful traditions with your kiddies.
I think that's one of my favorite things about having kids... having someone to always love and appreciate traditions.

Wittschen's said...



Shawna said...

Watching the show right now,so cool to see you guys on tv after reading the blog for so long! Yo are an inspiration! :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Your tree is gorgeous! Such wonderful family memories, and you're such a good mom to record it for them!

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