Friday, October 18, 2013

JessEdWed 2013

The day of Auntie Jess and Uncle Ed’s wedding was finally here and we were SOOOOO excited! There was lots to do…especially for the little flower girl.


Sav did not enjoy getting her hair done…




nope…not one bit!




Little Miss Priss getting her first mani/pedi




Oh. My. Gosh. (This is one of those times that I’m reeeeally glad that I got at least one girl out of the litter, heh, heh) MANY Mommy/Daughter Dates in our future. XOXO




Melt. Me. (I did not pose her, folks. She is ALL girl, this one)

10 October 2013 024



Oh my gosh. Spoiler alert: I’m pretty sure this is going somewhere on a 2013 Christmas card. I LOOOVE it! Thank you for the pic, CT!

(A, E, S, B)




God love you and that big beautiful smile, Ben Steece… and Sav, STOP GROWING UP!




The quads and their handsome Uncle Ed! (B, E, S, A)

10 October 2013 027



Making a stop over into the ladies room to say hi. Auntie Jess lit up when she saw the kids dressed in their duds.

10 October 2013 029



Their *NEW* Aunt Jess! (E, S, A, B) SO happy Smile

10 October 2013 030



My main squeeze

10 October 2013 032



Dani and Dan (my sis/bro-in-law) ~ looking quite dapper




Eddie and his sisters (in law). Love him.

10 October 2013 031-001



Gorgeous Grammy and her flower-grand-girl, waiting for the big show to begin!

10 October 2013 028



The handsome Steece bros

10 October 2013 035



And here are the quads in action!

Steece Quads: Flower Girl & Ring Bearers from suz steece on Vimeo.


I was so nervous when Sav dropped the basket (worried she would be embarrassed and start crying…) NOPE. Not Sav! Picked it right back up and kept smiling. Such a tough cookie, that girl! And the boys just beamed! Andrew walked up and handed his Daddy the ring box at the end.


I love this pic. Ed was tearing up watching Jess walk down the aisle…and the kids couldn’t see, so they kinda formed a “victory line”. Awesome.

10 October 2013 037



Beautiful. Radiant. Bride.

10 October 2013 038



I mean, seriously… the wedding overlooked the golf course/ waterfall at The Hills in Lakeway. It was GORGEOUS! (and we were SO blessed to have beaten the rain that weekend!)

10 October 2013 039



The kids were amazed. Ethan watched in absolute awe…soaking in every word. 6 is the perfect age for flower girls and ring bearers.

10 October 2013 041



Is this not the most beautiful bride and groom you have ever seen?!!! LOVE Jess’s dress.




My crew (Check out those amazing flowers!)




Dance time. Grammy and her baby.

10 October 2013 047



And MY four babies. They tore up that dance floor. Ethan is doing his signature fist pumping move (laughing outloud over here)…and Ben doing the middle splits??? Uh… ok. Lots of break-dance moves on the floor. NO idea where they get it from…

10 October 2013 044



…oh wait. Yep. 2 words: Joe. Steece. (I love Ethan---having SO much fun)

10 October 2013 054


Crazy Dad and kids~ gettin' down on the dance floor

Dad and the Quads Gettin' Down from suz steece on Vimeo.


Nothing melts your heart like a Daddy dancing with his daughter…

(I love Sav waiting for Joe at the very beginning---she was SO happy)


A pic with some lovely ladies (Grammy’s BFFs)

10 October 2013 045



Joe’s buddies~ Sam, Reeves, & Riley

10 October 2013 056



The gals: Me, Molly, & Veronica

10 October 2013 058



One more dance before my BFF Liz swept the kids away to the hotel room.

10 October 2013 052



God love you, Liz. Thank you so much for helping out this weekend!!! The quad-after-party!




Meanwhile, the tunes kept flowing at the reception. I’m tellin’ ya, I sure do love that crazy curly headed man in the middle. XO

10 October 2013 063



I love Dani for grabbing my camera and snapping this pic. See? I DO have fun (not just picture snapping). Especially dancing with my man. He makes my heart smile.

10 October 2013 067



Uh oh, the groom is gettin' funky!

10 October 2013 075



A little blurry- but I love it. Jess and her absolutely crazy, insane bro-in-laws. Welcome to the fam, Jessieeeee! It is a blast and we are SO blessed to have you in it, sweet thang! XO

10 October 2013 071



Thank you so much to the Robbins and Steeces for a fantastic wedding weekend. We were beyond honored to be a part of it. Love you all.

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Wildali @ These are the times... said...

Sav's hair was SO PRETTY. Everything looked adorable and the boys' outfits are to die for!

Colleen said...

oh my gosh, I just teared up watching the video of your crew. Such beautiful kids!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous wedding and the quads did an awesome job. I think the video of Savannah and Joe needs to be preserved for when she gets married. That dance where it's the bride and her dad...that video can be playing in the background. Thanks for sharing your wonderful weekend!
Cathy in Frisco

beth ewing said...

I always get jealous of your in-law posts. You are one blessed woman to be part of that family (just as Joe is to be part of your family). said...

Great pictures! I agree, you are so lucky to have such a loving family and able to have such a great time with them as well! Keep your posts coming. I love reading them!

Charla Liedahl said...

The kiddos are adorable but I am DROOLING over her dress. Quite possibly the most gorgeous wedding dress ever! What a special family memory!

Alissa said...

Love those pics!! What a loving family - so wonderful to see. Congrats to your sister-in-law & brother-in-law!

Liz J said...

My six and four year old boys are going to be ring bearers in their Aunt's wedding this spring. Any special tips to make the experience go more smoothly?

Liz J said...

My six and four year old boys are going to be ring bearers in their Aunt's wedding this spring. Any tips or tricks you would recommend to make the whole process operate smoothly?

Unknown said...

what a gorgeous bride, and OMG could the quads look any cuter?! love love love! ~Jenn

Anonymous said...

So darn cute!! Those little kids need to be a magazine ad!!! Do you have pics of the decor and cakes? Would love to see that.

Unknown said...

Beautiful photos. Sav is so pretty :)

The Rodriguez Crew said...

I don't comment often, but always LOVE reading about your DARLING family! What a precious post... count your blessings, bc you have one awesome family!! The dancing video, oh my stars! Awesome!!!

Unknown said...

I seriously don't know if your kids could be any cuter! I LOVE Sav's dress and the boys are so stinkin' handsome! What a great memory for them! Congrats to your family!

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